Easy Hair Trick: How to Fake A Fishtail Braid


The fishtail braid is almost iconic at this point — especially for Free People. From catalogs, to our videos, to the pages of the FP Me style pic gallery, everyone loves to see a good fishtail. Practice definitely makes perfect when it comes to this hairstyle, and one thing always seems to hold me be back from wearing my hair like this… time.

I wish there was more of it, but that’s life, right? I have a lot of hair, so it takes several minutes for me to perfect a fishtail braid if I choose to do one, minutes that I don’t always have. That’s why I normally just leave my mane to fend for itself, but this new trick that I learned may just change all that. It’s the fastest way to get the look of a fishtail braid without actually doing one, and the result is absolutely beautiful. So, how does one work such magic? Let me show you:

Step One:


Pull your hair back into a low pony. Use a tiny rubber elastic that blends in with the color of your hair.

Step Two:

split hair

Split the hair in half just above the elastic.

Step Three:

push trhough

Loop the hair up and push the pony through the opening (remember this from childhood?).

looped hair

Step Four:

tine another pony

Use another rubber elastic to section off more hair just below the first.

Step Five:


Make the same split as you did in step two.

Step Six:

pull through

Repeat step three and loop the hair up again and push it through the opening.

Step Seven:


Create one more section in the pony using a third rubber elastic.

Step Eight:


Once again, loop the end of the pony through the opening.

fishtail lead


Voila! A faux-fishtail braid! How cool does this look? And so simple! Add in a head piece or other hair accessories to finish off the look. I love how soft and romantic it can look… perfect for a date night or Valentine’s Day!


You can do a lot of variations of this hairstyle, so have fun and get creative!

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